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  • High Roundneck
  • Short sleeves
  • Back concealed zip
  • Color - Black
  • Lace
  • Flare lace hem
  • Lined
  • 100% Polyester
  • Dry clean
  • Imported


  • Model shown is 5’10” (177cm) wearing US size 6

Oh, behold this dress of utmost grace, A vision in black, a timeless embrace. A high roundneck, elegant and refined, Bestowing a touch of poise, oh so kind.

Short sleeves, a playful and flirty air, Whispering secrets, with a hint of flair. Concealed zip at the back, unseen, A seamless finish, pure and pristine.

Crafted in lace, delicate and sheer, With intricate patterns, drawing near. A flare lace hem, it dances and sways, With every step, a symphony of praise.

Lined with care, for comfort's embrace, Ensuring a fit with effortless grace. Made of polyester, a fabric grand, With strength and durability in its command.

To maintain its allure, a dry clean's plea, Preserving its essence for all to see. Imported from distant lands afar, Bestowing upon you a fashion star.

The model, a vision, standing tall, At 5'10" (177cm), she captivates all. Wearing US size 6, a perfect fit, Exuding confidence and style, bit by bit.

So let this dress be your elegant attire, A statement of grace, setting hearts on fire. With its high roundneck and lace so divine, Step into the spotlight, let your beauty shine.

Product Care

We recommend that this garment is dry cleaned.